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This blog chronicles the development of the Queer Campaign - a movement for full rights to the usage of the word "queer" at Fordham University at Lincoln Center.

We are Queer. We are Here. And We Finally Did It!

**This message is brought to you by a collaboration between the executive boards of both Pride and Rainbow Alliances at Fordham University.

We are proud to announce the inclusion of the term “queer” in its programming. After a long period of dialogue with the Dean of Students and the Office of Student Leadership and Community Development, the word “queer” may now be used on both the Lincoln Center and Rose Hill campuses of Fordham University, like any other word, by ANY club—as long as it is not derogatory. This represents a culmination of efforts enacted by the Queer Campaign, the Queer Task Force, United Student Government, Students for Solidarity, Women’s Studies, Rainbow and Pride Alliances, and many other communities at large. We are deeply humbled by and grateful for all of the support we have gotten for this endeavor, and we hope to continue fostering dialogue to aid in creating men and women for and with others.

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